North Moreton Parish Council

Car park

After noticing that all runoff from Bear Lane was draining straight through the gate onto the Rec, where it made a large contribution to the water-logging of the car parking area, the Parish Council sought advice from the District Council’s senior drainage engineer, who provided a report and recommendations for remedial action. We accepted a quotation from the outdoor water engineers, WJ Hatt Ltd, and at the beginning of November they installed a half-moon concrete drainage channel at the entrance to the Rec, with a gully trap at either end. (The traps remove leaves and silt from the runoff before it enters the drainage pipe.) Pipework was laid under the car parking area to carry water from the traps to the ditch by the playground, and so far we’ve been very pleased with the result. The next step will be to fence the car park, reinforce the area most affected by turning cars, and install a height barrier in place of the present entrance gate. We are grateful for financial aid for this project from the North Moreton Charitable Trust and from Simon Clarke’s OCC Councillor Priority Fund.

More bins!

You may have noticed that we have two new bins opposite the village hall, where the old phone box used to be. The salt bin is full of road salt, and the new dog bin is regularly emptied, so both are now ready to be used for their intended purposes.

Parish Council Meetings

We have managed to hold only two live parish council meetings this year, with the remainder by Zoom. As the future of public meetings is still uncertain, we would like to encourage anyone who has concerns to raise with the council to contact one of the councillors directly, because, despite the wonders of modern technology, it is still easier to have a discussion face to (socially distanced) face, or over the phone. Some time ago, we suggested holding a village meeting to discuss whether we wanted more small houses in North Moreton. As circumstances have so far made this impossible, we are considering sending round a questionnaire to every house, seeking parishioners views on further (limited) development. The next parish council meeting will be on Tuesday 12 January at 8pm. Ros Templeman Chair NMPC

Ride and Stride Saturday 12th September