Village hall


Deposit:  Weekend  evenings £75  Other times £25  (or as agreed)
(This deposit should be paid (if possible) by a separate cheque as it will be returned if the hall is left in a clean and ‘as found’ condition - otherwise a charge will be deducted from the deposit for any cleaning required or any damage or breakages incurred. Stiletto heels are not permitted.) 
NB: Liability for any damage rests entirely with the hirer.

Half day rate or evening hire (max 4 hrs £30) Regular booking rate is negotiable

Friday or Saturday evenings (max 4 hours) £60 per session

Additional Hours £6.25 per hour

Special Rate (for regular bookings are availible)

Tables £2 each (Free with hall booking)

Chairs £0.50 each 88 in total (Free with hall booking)

Crockery and cutlery £5

Traffic cones free (£20 deposit) ;

Marquee (10m * 6m) Ask for details




The above premises are licensed by the South Oxfordshire District Council for Public Entertainment and Food Preparation. The number of persons present at any one occasion is limited to 120 High Density Use and 88 Seated Function Use. The hall is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council and that responsibility has been delegated to the Hall Management Committee. Your attention is drawn to the obligations of using the Village Hall, especially if you are a key holder.

It is not possible for a member of the Management Committee to be on the premises at every letting, however it is necessary that the Management Committee nominates one person, who must be a minimum of 25 years old (usually the hirer), to be responsible for all matters relating to that letting and that person should be present in the hall during the letting period.
The person responsible for any letting must be aware of the following conditions of use:

Fire Regulations:

  • When the hall is in use exit doors must not be obstructed and exit signs must be switched on.
  • Users must familiarise themselves with the location and use of the various fire extinguishers and blanket.

Alcohol Consumption

  • If alcohol is to be sold it will be the responsibility of the hirer to obtain a licence and to ensure that licensing laws are observed.


  • Disturbance to neighbours must be kept to a minimum.
  • Please park considerately.
  • The entrance door should be kept shut while the hall is in use.
  • On leaving the hall, especially at night, users should be reminded to leave quietly.


  • Heating: When the hall is not in use the hall heating is on standby against frost damage etc. On no account should the mains electricity, gas or boiler be switched off (except in the case of emergency). Users should familiarise themselves with the instructions for using the heating by reading the instructions adjacent to the gas boiler.
  • Kitchen: Facilities include a gas hob, electric oven, fridge and sink. Cups, saucers and plates can be found in the cupboards under the worktops - if used, they should be washed and put away. Notices regarding use of the facilities are displayed.
  • Toilets: All toilets should be left clean and swept. All bins should be emptied.
  • Hall: Please note that stiletto heels are not permitted. On leaving, users should sweep the floor and stack chairs and tables. These should be lifted and not dragged.  All personal items should be removed.
General: On leaving the hall the hirer should check that all doors and windows are closed and secured and all lights are switched off including the external porch light and the emergency lights above the exits. All rubbish, including any left over food and drink, should be removed from the site.