North Moreton Parish Council

N Moreton Parish council is the local body responsible for managing the Parish. It is financed through a payment from the local district council SODC which is refereed to as the precept. This money is collected as part of the council tax and can be seen on your council tax bill. The Parish council sets a budget each year based on the precept it will receive. This money is used to run and hopefully improve facilities and services for local people. The Parish council may be able to apply for other funding, such as grants and awards.

The councilors - NM has five are voted in by the local electorate and hold office for five years. Ate the end of this time they either stand down or seek reelection.


Parish Council Chairman: Rosalind Templeman 07969 349831
Members: Sue Harrison, David Tebworth, Ian Shipton, Veronica Gibbs,
District Councilor: Jane Murphy 07970 932054
Andrew Wise the Clerk: )


Date of next meeting

17th March 8.00pm MN Village Hall


*NOTE Agenda for next meeting usually available one week before meeting.
Date Agenda
22 Jan Attachment

Click on the corresponding attachment to launch a pdf version of the Parish Council meeting agenda for North Moreton. Next Meeting Tuesday 17th March 20.00 NM village Hall.



Date Minutes
Sept 19 Attachment

Click on the corresponding attachment to launch a pdf version of the Minutes of the last meeting meeting held Sept 2019.

Minutes of past meetings are available in pdf format


Date Finance
Jan 20 Budget

Click on the corresponding budget to launch a pdf version of the present budget.


If you are planning any additions or alternations to your property it is recommended that you visit There is a wealth of information on all aspects of planning and you can download application forms and even apply on line.

Date Planning
Jan20 Current applications

Click on the current applications to launch a pdf version of the Planning applications presently under review by the council


Andrew Wise the Clerk:

Freedom of Information

The model publication scheme lays out details of Parish Council matters which will be published on this website as required by the the Freedom of Information Act.

Freedom Of Information Link
Freedom of Information link


North Moreton Conservation Area

Parishioners should be aware that much of the village is protected by the North Moreton Conservation Area.

This added protection of the character of our village places extra responsibilities on those who live within it

As a general guideline, you should check with the relevant department at South Oxfordshire District Council BEFORE you carry out tree surgery or removal. The same applies if you intend building work or changing the appearance of your property. If a planning application is necessary, it has to take the Conservation Area into account. By checking first, you can save yourself a lot of problems.

Map of the North Moreton Conservation Area for download.