NM Green Shoots

Our Shared Purpose at NMGreenShoots

• Growing your own veg and flowers in and out of the Polytunnel

• Germinating seeds for your own garden/allotment

• Green Shoots communal crops

• Community crops including early potatoes, sunflowers, pumpkins, hyacinths in pots, Christmas trees, Flowers for Giving

• Replanting hedges for protection and wildlife

• Planting a community orchard

• Developing areas to sustain wildlife such as the pond and wildflower area

• Encouraging wildlife with bird boxes, bee nests and hives, and pondlife

• Learning about all year round growing

• Encouraging all ages and families to be involved

• Linking to other communities both in and out of the village

• Adopting a sustainable approach

• Enjoying an environment on our doorsteps

What a great community harvest!
Thankyou to everyone who came up to the allotment. The pumpkins have almost all gone, the remaining few being on the Produce and Plant Stall. Though we look forward to a village trail of carved and lit pumpkins it is advised that there should be no trick or treating this year. Donations made will go towards the new poles needed to get the second poly tunnel up and running giving us more space for villagers and their families to try growing some of their own food year round. Our next crop will be Pak Choi and Winter Lettuce. There are to be two projects up at the allotment in the Spring:

(1) We are planning to have an artist in residence up at the Polytunnel and hope that artists and villagers of all ages who may like to try their hand at sketching/drawing some of the wildlife on the allotment may like to join him. More information and dates soon.

(2) We are also starting the preparation of the space for orchard and wildflower areas on the allotment. Look out for dates and information to join a team to do this.

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